Welcome to our new website!

Hello, Cap’n Sensible here… welcome to our new revamped Damned website, all spruced up in time for some big announcements in this, our 40th anniversary year. And who’d have thought that would ever have happened… OR that we’d be celebrating the event in London’s swanky Albert Hall. Well, if it’s good enough for Messrs Collins and Clapton it’s probably good enough for us too – so better get rehearsing, lol.

We’ve been working on an extended setlist covering all important periods of Damned history – and talking to promoters in various countries to get this special show out on the road so watch this space for announcements.

Festival dates are a different but still enjoyable experience, the set being distilled down to mainly crowd pleasing essentials. We’re looking forward to performing at this years events at the Isle Of Wight, Coachella, Zickenstock, Rebellion… amongst others.

When all the dates are sorted you’ll find them here, and hopefully the hamsters running this new website will update the thing more frequently than the previous lot.

Anyway, that’s enough old guff from me for now… catch y’all later!




Captain photo by Dan Aitch