& Now A Word From Our Captain!

So endeth our all too brief US trip… 3 gigs in LA & New Yawk – a lot of fun they were too, playing the ‘backwards retrospective’ Albert Hall set possibly for the last time. I have to say it always flows wonderfully starting with So, Who’s Paranoid? before entering the goth years & then Ettiquette and Damned Damned Damned for a rousing finale. Once again the encore was Curtain Call, shorn of the freakout mid section this time round as there was no keyboard for yours truly. I thought it still worked well though.


On Sunday morning I found myself in uncharted territory though as Joey Ramones brother Mickey had me ferried off at the crack of dawn to witness the unveiling of Queens newest street name… The Ramones Way, which runs past the Forest Hill High School several of the band attended. As a mate I was called on to say a few words for the occasion – which they may have regretted as I’d been up deejaying till 3am at the Beauty Bar and was not altogether coherent. Ah well, it’s the thought that counts and it was certainly a special occasion for if anyone deserves the plaudits it’s Joey, Dee Dee, Tommy and Johnny – without whom…


I told the story of Brian James sitting me down in front of his Dansette with the Ramones 1st album on repeat – in a bid to reprogram some of the prog out of my musical brain. Listening to it now still reminds me of that period when I was sleeping on BJ’s floor during the first Damned rehearsals. Happy days!


The band are playing really great at the moment – try and get to one of the following shows if you can:


11 – Leuven, Belgium

12  – Leamington

13 – Nottingham

15 – Guildford

16 – Wrexham

17 – Leeds

18 – Manchester

19 – Newcastle Upon Tyne

20 – Glasgow

22 – Cambridge

23 – Norwich

24 – Brighton

26 – Brixton, London

27 – Cardiff

29 – Wolverhampton

30 – Bristol

01 – Southsea

02 – Weymouth

03 – Plymouth

04 – Exeter

09 – Margate

13 – Barcelona

14 – Valencia

15 – Madrid

16 – Vitoria-Gasteiz

17 – Gijón